ChromaLabel dots used by U.S. Automotive Industry

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017


Over about 2 months, we had a big spike in orders for 1/4" dots...

Being curious folks, we emailed the buyer, and asked if they wouldn't mind sharing what they're using our products for.

To our unexpected delight, one of the good guys out there, Jonathon, wrote back with a detailed explanation (and really interesting photos!) of how his awesome company in Illinois is using our products on most of the Toyota vehicles that are assembled here in the USA.

With his permission, we're sharing his words and photos below. It goes without saying that we're thrilled to be able to help American manufacturing - even in our 1/4" way!

The dots work equally well on different paint colors - and are hidden from view once installed!

We're Social. Like a Labradoodle:

Dear Andrew,

We were looking for a quick and easy way to differentiate our front handle from a rear handle, and of course there are other model of handles for cars that are very similar in design - from different manufacturers.  Your label is an easy to use tool for visualization of a front vs rear. FRONT is a green label, rear is a yellow.
When similar colors are used we identify them (dot them) with the labels... We paint 11 different whites, 6 different blacks. When in doubt, put the green-labeled handles front, with rear yellow, and you should have the correct color and models at the correct location on the car.
I hope this helps to assist in training, and to let your employees know your product makes other's jobs easier and reduces stress at our end customer for mixed/wrong components. Thank them for their day to day work!

- Jonathon Steinsultz

PS. If you look close, you can see this on the new flagship sedan(certain colored), and these new Toyotas look great!
  • This one is on a roll, not dispenser box

From one Manufacturer to Another...
Thanks Jonathon! Companies like yours are what make me proud to do what we do, and to be a Midwestern USA manufacturer.

From us to AISIN, and to all the other determined, hard-working businesses out there, keep up the great work! Here's to continued success...

Update - December, 2023
A bit more than 6 years later, we're happy to report that we're still shipping our 1/4" dots to more than a few automotive OEM facilities across North America - as well as a lot of our other pre-printed labels, and color-coding tape.  

See all the stock products we offer for our fellow manufacturers below - and contact us for custom requests too!  We're a manufacturing shop that loves a good challenge thrown our way!