Dot stickers in auto manufacturingOur dots applied to the interior of door handles that can easily be confused on the assembly line

Lots of Dots Ordered...  We Were Curious...

Over the past few months, we've noticed the same company purchasing a large quantity of our 1/4" Color Code dots in various colors. We could tell based on the email address that it was an automotive supply company, but had no real idea what the thousands upon thousands of dots were used for.

Being curious folks, we emailed the buyer, and asked if they wouldn't mind sharing what they're using our products for.

To our unexpected delight, one of the good guys out there, Jonathon, wrote back with a detailed explanation (and really interesting photos!) of how his awesome company in Illinois is using our products on most of the Toyota vehicles that are assembled here in the USA.

With his permission, we're sharing his words and photos below. It goes without saying that we're thrilled to be able to help American manufacturing - even in our 1/4" way!

A Letter from AISIN Illinois


1/4" dots stickers in manufacturingThe dot visible on assembled door handle

I have added a few pictures and give you a brief example of what we do.  We are a Japanese owned Automotive component manufacturing facility.  AISIN has been here in Marion Illinois for nearing 15 years.  I've personally been here for about 14 of those.  Our core production is Automotive Paint, Plastic Injection molding. We are the largest manufacturers of Sunroof components in North America.  We currently employ about 1,800 at this facility, and have 2 other Aisin Illinois Plants on this campus, and an electronic plant and a light metal extrusion plant as well.

We were looking for a quick and easy way to differentiate our front handle from a rear handle, and of course there are other model of handles for cars that are very similar in design - from different manufacturers.  

Your label is an easy to use tool for visualization of a front vs rear.  FRONT is a green label, rear is a yellow.  

When similar colors are used we identify them (dot them) with the labels...  We paint 11 different whites, 6 different blacks.  When in doubt, put the green-labeled handles front, with rear yellow, and you should have the correct color and models at the correct location on the car.

I hope this helps to assist in training, and to let your employees know your product makes other's jobs easier and reduces stress at our end customer for mixed/wrong components. Thank them for their day to day work!

Labels for automotive paint shopsDots showing the different colors of paint chips that the technicians use for reference

Jonathon Steinsultz

PS.  If you look close, you can see this on the new flagship sedan(certain colored), and these new Toyota's look great!

From one Manufacturer to Another...

Thanks Jonathon!  Companies like yours are what make me proud to do what we do, and to be a Midwestern USA manufacturer.

From us to AISIN, and to all the other determined, hard-working businesses out there, keep up the great work!  Here's to continued success...


Update from April 2021

Inventory control and organization is extremely important for manufacturers. We have many different products to make your manufacturing process easier. If you need something custom made to fit your company's needs, check out our customizable labels!

Color-code organizationInventory control

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