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How to Boost Your Store's Profit with Clever Visual Merchandising


colored price stickers

Anyone who works in retail or manages a store knows they have a single, important goal: selling product. No matter the merchandise, store displays should make it as easy as possible for customers to find and purchase the items they need. Ideally, these display should also introduce buyers to new products they weren't necessarily looking for, but might want to purchase anyway. With clever visual merchandising, your store can turn those "just looking" window shoppers into loyal customers. Intentional use of display organization, color, and other tools can help draw a customer's eyes to new products. Here are a few...

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Embossable Metallic Labels


2" Metallic Foil Coated Labels

While the primary use for our color-code labels is utilizing the full range of our 38 colors to identify and differentiate your project, this is but one dimension possible for our stickers.  Some of our crafty customers have conquered the dullness of common color-coding with countless creative concepts. Among the many creative uses for our labels, there is a particularly interesting one that we hinted at last week.  Due to the fact that our metallic labels are all made from a foil coated material, they have the extra durability required for embossing, which greatly broadens the scope of inventive opportunities.   How to...

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