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Librarians, Beware: Book Repair Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs


repair your book spine

Whether you're a librarian, a teacher, or just a lover of books, you've probably known the frustration and heartbreak of discovering your book has been damaged. If the injured title is one of your favorites, you've probably already begun the search for quick repair methods. Before researching how to repair a book spine with DIY videos on Youtube, proceed with caution. If you make a mistake in the when attempting to repair your book spine or cover, you might inadvertently make the issue worse. To avoid further damaging or even ruining your book, use this guide. Here are three book...

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Using Pre-Laminated Dots: "Grab-A-Dots"



We've always been thrilled with the response that customers have had to our 37 vibrant colors of Color Coding Dots. These labeling stickers are perfect in their simplicity…  they’re just bits of sticky,easy-to-write-on paper with color. That’s it. But that’s what also makes them so versatile. If you need basic colors, we've got them.  If you need colors that are a bit more unique like Aqua, Lime or Fluorescent Chartreuse, we offer those too. One of the things that made me stop and think for a minute was when my dad (our fearless founder) said to me: You know, the...

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