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How to Boost Your Store's Profit with Clever Visual Merchandising


colored price stickers

Anyone who works in retail or manages a store knows they have a single, important goal: selling product. No matter the merchandise, store displays should make it as easy as possible for customers to find and purchase the items they need. Ideally, these display should also introduce buyers to new products they weren't necessarily looking for, but might want to purchase anyway. With clever visual merchandising, your store can turn those "just looking" window shoppers into loyal customers. Intentional use of display organization, color, and other tools can help draw a customer's eyes to new products. Here are a few...

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Creative & Fun Uses for Kraft Paper Stickers



What Do You Do With Kraft Dots? It's a question many thoughtful men and women have pondered over for many hundredths of a century. But never fear, our crafty Chromalabel community has concocted countless creative applications over the years, and we're here to freely impart this priceless knowledge upon you. Thanks to the creativity of our fearless leader, Dudley, we have one such favorite idea to share with you. Essential Oils & Kraft. Seriously? Many people use circle labels to mark the lids of their essential oils. What if you infused a dot with olfactory delighting oil to give the...

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