• 1" Yellow Smiley Face Dot Labels
  • 1" Round Happy Face Sticker Dots
  • 1" Yellow Smiley Face Labels
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1" Yellow Happy Face Dots: 1,000/Box


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - 1,000 dots in each easy-to-use dispenser box
  •     - Dots have a 1 inch diameter (25.40mm/ 2.54 cm)
  •     - Round yellow label with a smiley face imprinted in black
  •     - Permanent adhesive sticks well to most surfaces

How to Use Happy Face Stickers:

Start sticking joy everywhere you go with these classic, yellow happy face labels! Each round sticker has a 1 inch diameter and is backed with pressure-sensitive, permanent adhesive (the more you press it, the better it sticks).

Each convenient dispenser box has 1,000 glorious happy face labels in it. Each label has a slight, semi-gloss finish, and it's easy to write on the surface with a sharpie maker if desired (the ink wont smear).

These are great for sticking on envelopes, reward charts, boxes, cards, paychecks, filing cabinets, report cards, get well cards, fish tanks, and anywhere else you would like to spread good cheer.

          1 inch Smiley Face Dots 

From What Material are They Crafted?

These happy face labels are produced in the USA from a high quality, semi-gloss paper, which is backed with permanent adhesive to ensure that it will stick well to most clean surfaces.

Each roll of 1000 labels is held in a dispenser box which takes all the fuss out of removing each label from the liner and also helps to keep them organized.

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