• 1-3/8" Tamper Tape in Dispenser Box
  • 1.375" Tamper Evident Tape
  • 1.375 inch Tamper Tape on Manila Envelope

1-3/8" Tamper Evident Sealing Tape | With Diagonal Lines: 13 yds


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Each roll is 1-3/8 inches x 13.3 yards
  •     - Each roll comes in a convenient dispenser box
  •     - Tampering causes destructible PVC film material to break apart
  •     - Super aggressive, permanent adhesive
  •     - Imprinted with bright-red alternating diagonal lines                     

About Tamper Evident Tape:

Our Tamper-Evident Sealing tape makes identifying any breach into a container or package easy to spot, and generally prevents it from happening in the first place. Made of a unique PVC material with a red imprint and blended with a super-aggressive adhesive, this tape can't be removed without serious damage to either the surface or the tape!

Tamper-Evident tape has a pattern of bright-red alternating diagonal lines. If the tape is slit in any place along the seal, the lines are virtually impossible to match back up cleanly, making an obvious shift in the pattern. This tape comes on a liner for easy removal, measuring and application.

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