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3/4" See-Through Col-R-Lock Dots - 100/Roll


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Dots have a 3/4 inch diameter (19.0mm/ 1.90cm)
  •     - Tough, transparent polyester with gloss, scratch-resistant finish
  •     - Backed with permanent adhesive that sticks well to most surfaces
  •     - 100 Labels per roll on a 3" core       


These transparent stickers are ideal for color coding surfaces while still displaying what's on the other side. People use these to label maps, calendars, control boards, bins, tools, inventory and more. Because they're made of polyester and not paper, they last much longer in high-contact environments.

Label Material

These dots are made from a tough, see through polyester material that ensures the longevity of the label. A protective layer is applied over the color which protects them and makes them even more resistant to wear and tear. The adhesive is permanent, so it will stick well to most surfaces, as well as archival, which means that it won't crack or fade over time.