• 5/8" Laminated Round Stickers
  • 0.625" Pre-laminated Grab-a-Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Yellow Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Blue Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Orange Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Red Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Green Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Black Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Dark Blue Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Copper Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Tan Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Lavender Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Neon Green Pre-Laminated Dot Labels
  • 5/8" Fluorescent Pink Pre-Laminated Dot Labels

5/8" Pre-Laminated, Grab-A-Dots: 200/Pack


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - 21 glorious colors available from which to choose
  •     - 200 pre-laminated sheeted dots per pack
  •     - 5/8" dot covered by 1" x 1-1/2" clear, label protector
  •     - Permanent adhesive sticks well to most surfaces
  •     - Dots include a pre-attached label protector
  •     - Check out our epic blog post about this product!


You've used dots for years to classify, label, and color code. But on high-traffic areas, such as book spines, ends of charts, tables or shelves, those dots over time can start to peel off.

Our unique process takes the original dots that you love to use, and laminates them with a tough layer which is flexible, conformable, and most importantly - it's tough!

It is repositionable within 24 hours of its application. After this time, it is a permanent adhesive, making sure the dot will stick for years to come.

    What Material are They?

    The dots themselves are made out of a high-quality paper material with a permanent adhesive. Each dot is carefully pre-laminated with a tough, equally high-quality plastic label protector. These permanent adhesive protectors ensure that this unique combination label stays put for years to come. 

    Monitors lie. Get a free swatch today.

    Swatch CardEach computer monitor renders colors a little bit differently. How do you know that what you're seeing on your screen is completely accurate? Also, how do you know exactly which color you want? For example, we have five different types of green to choose from. If getting the precise hue of green is important to you, we highly suggest that you ask us for a free color swatch card.

    Besides, the free swatches are just sitting by our coffee pot (which brewed an aromatic Espresso blend today); 98.4% of the time, we'll get the swatch in the mail to you the same day you ask. Please click here to request a free color swatch card.