• Five, Bright Fluorescent Colors
  • Bright Fluorescent Green Name Label
  • Bright Fluorescent Orange Name Label
  • Bright Fluorescent Pink Name Label
  • Bright Fluorescent Red Name Label
  • Bright Fluorescent Yellow Name Label

Name Tag Sticker Kit, 5 Fluorescent Colors: 150/Pack


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Quick Product Facts

    • - Color-Code up to 5 different groups of people!
    • - Label specs: 2" x 3"
    • - Vibrant matte color labels (fluorescent green, pink, red, orange, yellow)
    • - 30 labels of each color - 150 total per pack
    • - Labels remove cleanly from clothes but not plastic
    • - Easy-write-on surface yields beautiful contrast (use a black marker for best results)
    • - Label material: matte, paper label stock

Name Tags in Five Colors

These name badge stickers are ideal for color coding different groups of people at events, church picnics, conventions, social gatherings, or even underwater-basket-weavers-anonymous meetings. They're dirt easy to write on with a marker or pen, yield excellent contrast in each color, and the ink wont bleed through onto clothes.

Each pack has five beautiful, bright fluorescent colors (30 stickers of each color):

The fluorescent color are is green, red, orange, pink and yellow.

We specifically chose each color in this kit for its ability to show stark contrast with writing and be easily identifiable from the other colors.

They'll remove cleanly from clothing, but they observe a more permanent adhesion for surfaces like plastic, paper or platinum (yep, that was alliteration). Leftover name tags from the meeting? Label old boxes in your garage.