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"Gluten Free" - True Kraft Paper Stickers on Sheets - 3/4" Circles


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Quick Product Facts

  •     - Total of 210 'Gluten Free' Labels per pack
  •     - Each pack contains 5 sheets of 42 dots (Total of 210 labels)
  •     - Dots have a 0.75 inch diameter (19.05mm/ 1.9cm)
  •     - Made from Brown, TRUE Kraft paper material
  •     - Permanent adhesive adheres well to many surfaces
  •     - Great for all your Gluten Free labeling needs                                 

Label all Your Gluten Free Products:

Kraft labels are great for giving your food products a natural, organic feel due to the fibrous brown paper from which they are crafted. Each of these 3/4 inch round stickers is imprinted in black with a crossed-out wheat symbol and the words "Gluten Free" to unmistakably denote the lack of wheat-based ingredients in your product.


"Gluten Free" Brown Kraft Paper Label



What Material are They?

These Chroma Kraft labels are made from a similar material to the paper grocery bags you'd find in a store. If you look closely you can see the individual fibers that make up the paper. This gives a slight texture to the matte surface, which is great for writing on with a sharpie. The permanent adhesive ensures that these labels will adhere well to most surfaces.

There are 42 dots on each sheet, and 5 sheets in each package. Each dot is three-quarter inches.

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