Ultra Aggressive Label Protectors - 72 Packs per Case


This item is made-to-order by the manufacturer and ships within 7-10 Business Days.

Quick product Facts

  • - Made-to-order by the manufacturer
  • - Glossy Clear Finish
  • - 2 mil thick Polyester
  • - Ultra Aggressive Adhesion
  • - PH-Neutral, Archival Safe Adhesive
  • - 72 packs per case sold - 250 label protectors per pack (18,000 total label protectors)

About Label Protectors

If you have certain books and applications where standard label protectors just won't stick, then the ultra aggressive adhesive of these label protectors is your answer! These Polyester Label Protectors feature a super-strong adhesive that won't curl, get yellow, or become brittle with age. As with all our label protectors, these feature PH-Neutral, Archival Safe adhesive and materials.