Laser / Inkjet Templates


Since each printer is different, here are some tips to increase your odds of a perfect print:

TRY IT OUT FIRST WITH THE TEST SHEETS: The included test sheets will match the measurements of the labels – try those first so you don’t use up your labels when you’re getting the template dialed in.


Looking for a template? 

Head over to the product that you've purchased - we have a downloadable template for each specific Laser & Inkjet Label product.


Need further support? 

Below are some of our customers' frequent concerns and our solutions to get the most out of our labels:

The text / image I am using isn't lining up on the labels!

We've made the templates so that the measurements exactly match the product. For most of our customers, there are no problems printing accurately. But each printer is different, so in rare cases, there can be some slight variances. 

Here are some tips to increase your odds of a perfect print:

    • - ACTUAL SIZE: Make sure you're printing at "actual size", not "fit to page" or scaled by any percentage.  You can usually find this setting in the box that pops up just before you hit print.
      how to print a laser label

    • - SNUG SHEETS: Make sure your label sheets are placed in your printer snugly, and the guides (the plastic arms that feed the label sheets) are pressed into the sheets. This will help reduce any "walking" or movement on the sheets as they go through the printer.

    • - PLAIN SHEET: Sometimes, especially in Microsoft Word, you may have a preference set that changes the print area. An example would be the "edits" or "comments" sidebar. If that is showing on your sheet, your printer will try to be smart and print all that content.  Turn those options off while you're printing these labels.
      print your designs on laser labels

    • - DON'T EDIT THE TEMPLATE: No touchy! Make sure not to edit the margins that we have pre-set. They are measured to fit the label cuts.

      However - if you've followed all of the above tips, and your labels are always 1/4 inch too high, for instance - you can experiment with the margins.  Again, all printers are a little different. You may need to do some trial prints. If you accidentally changed the template, delete the template file and download the copy again from our website.

It says that there is a paper jam when there is no paper jam!

Laser printable label sheets are thicker than your standard copy paper.  You may need to change preferences in your printer to something like "card stock".  Some printers also have a preset for label sheets!  Try one of those out.

If all else fails, feel free to send us an email ( or hop on our chat. We want to make sure you're satisfied with the product.

In the rare case that the sheets and your printer just don't want to play nice no matter what, we'll be happy to accept a return, as long as you've only used a few sheets from the pack.  :)

Keep in mind
- this is a DIY product, and carries the possibility that you may need to test it a bit.

If you'd like a custom label instead, let us know, and we can get you a great quote on our short run press!