There are endless industry applications for our organization labels. Whether you work in a law firm, warehouse, doctor’s office, business office, retail store, or a school/library, our color-coding stickers will help you stay organized.


If you need a way to organize your case, files, intake forms, contracts, or any other document, our organization labels offer the perfect solution. We carry various different labels, which includes dots, rectangles, permanent dot kits, clear wafer seals, and much more, in many sizes. This makes it easy to find the perfect label for your application.


Fast and efficient readable inventory control is essential to the success of a warehouse or company. Using Chromalabel’s organization labels makes the entire shipping and storage process easier and more streamlined. For distribution centers, we recommend larger and brightly colored labels for boxes and more. The large and bright colored labels make it easier for workers to easily spot them from far away. Our selection of distribution center stickers and labels includes month labels, variety color packed dots, clear wafer seals, erase labels, quality control labels, and “This Side Up” stickers.

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Though more and more medical offices will begin to implement software into their record keeping systems, organizing physical medical files and charts is still essential. Our organization labels come in various sizes, styles, and colors, so you can find some that work for your files. We also carry biohazard stickers, allergy stickers, and HMIG labels.

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From file folders to purchase orders, today’s offices still use physical documents that need to be organized to ensure the office’s efficiency. Our office coding stickers includes dots, rectangles, and month labels in various sizes and colors; we make it easy to find the right sticker for you.

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Whether you label items for a sale, food, shoe boxes, or anything else, our retail store and restaurant stickers are for you. Our selection includes sale labels, printable round labels, month labels, and allergy labels so that you can keep everything in order.


Teachers and librarians have endless uses for color-coded labels, which includes color-coding folders and organizing school supplies, books, and much more. We carry many different stickers for your organizing needs, which includes color-coded dot stickers, alphabet stickers, smiley face stickers, and clear label protectors.

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