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Stop worrying about inventory issues, where products & people are, 

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We've had decades of experience helping people just like you 

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We're ready to ship 1,400 

varieties of tapes & labels same day.

Order by 1pm ET, and we'll most likely 

have your order out the same day!  

And because of our central location, 

you'll probably have it in your hands 

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Lots of places print stickers. 

Very few places print tape.

Even fewer places have a human doing QC.

Even fewer places will have 4 humans check each order, to make sure it's exactly what you expect...

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We are 100% the easiest place to work with online. And if we're not, we want you to tell us.

Custom PO?  Yes.

Ship on Your Terms?  You bet.

Multiple Locations?  Do it every day.

Stock product, but custom packing? Yup.



You'll be happy with us. Guaranteed.

We will pay you back if not.

It's that simple, and

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Obsessive goal:

To serve you.

Our Story:

Del was a medical supplies sales guy in the 70's. Things were going fine until one Friday in 1976, when he decided to kick off work a little early to garden. The boss drove by, wrote him up, and Del got frustrated about the work/life balance.

He also knew there was a growing need for adhesive tapes and labels in the medical industry. His desire to work from home (way ahead of his time, that guy) and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to his garage. One used tape slitter later, he was in business. And we still have that same slitter!

Fast forward almost 5 decades: Del's son Andrew, and his childhood friend Joe, now oversee almost 50 employees. We now proudly serve manufacturing, aerospace, data, and (of course) medical industries, along with scores of others.

Today, that same expertise and passion drives us to provide you with custom solutions you need to stress out less, and save time at work... you can take a Friday afternoon off with your family. Del would approve.

It's all based on the Golden Rule. It's how we try to live our lives, and it's how we run our business.  We think it makes a difference.

Which means we stand by our products' intended use 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts.  If you have a problem with the first pack/roll/item, we will solve it. Refund it. Send you a replacement. Whatever it takes. 

Just reach out to our ChromaLabel Team. We're based here in Kansas, USA, and we're here for you, real live people, no phone trees during business hours.

It's how we want to be treated. And it's how we promise to treat you.

Andrew & Joe | Co-Owners, ChromaLabel


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