Hazmat Labels and GHS D.O.T. Shipping Labels

At ChromaLabel, we’re passionate about providing you with the labels your business needs to be successful. Whether that means offering a unique selection of stickers for a classroom library or Hazmat stickers for a shipping facility, we’ve got our customers covered!

That’s why we proudly offer Hazmat labels and GHS D.O.T. labels. Our selection of high-quality Hazmat shipping labels will keep your business within compliance of all Department of Transportation and international regulations!

Our Hazmat labels are available for Hazard Classes 1 through 9, as well as blank, wordless, and international variations. Our GHS Shipping Labels conform to the UN's Globally Harmonized System for labeling and transporting chemicals.

With all necessary text, size and colors to conform to CFR, ICAO, and DOT regulations, these brightly colored, permanent labels also meet the design and durability standards of DOT Guidelines, CFR 172.400 

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