How You've Been Trained to Accept Bad Customer Service

Andrew Latham & Joe Thomas  •  ChromaLabel  •  June 11, 2024

I'm really tired of being told trite things that we're expected to believe.  Like "your satisfaction is important to us," and "when you shop here, you're family" - stuff that a focus group director told the CEO of the multi-billion dollar corporation to say.

They don't care - their job is to make money for investors. 

And listen, I get it! Their job is to maximize profits, and I won't be angry if they succeed.  But don't tell me you care about your customers "like family" when your #1 focus is the NYSE.

We aren't their priority. And how could we be? They don't know us.

"Spend a lot of time talking to your customers face to face. You'd be amazed how many companies don't listen to their customers."  - Ross Perot

Regardless how you feel about Ross, it's something that every business owner should take really seriously, and almost none of them do!

And I should do more of it too.  So I did.

A new customer started ordering from us in the last month - can't say yet who it is, but I can almost guarantee you've heard of them, or at least seen their ads on your feed and online. Their buyer started purchasing from us, and I asked if I could come visit. 

I walked in yesterday morning with donuts, ready to hear how we could improve, what they needed, and how to be of better service.

"ChromaLabel is a dream come true. We've got a lot of moving parts, and everyone needs stuff yesterday. So when I can reach out to you guys, get answers, and people wantto help, instead of ignoring me via email...  that's why."

- Buyer in medical manufacturing & shipping

That was the feedback. There was almost nothing we could have done better.

As the business owner who is always looking for a challenge to fix, an obstacle to overcome, I didn't quite know what to do...

But as the guy who stood in line at the grocery store for almost an hour because of a CEO's capital gains, I was thrilled. "This is how we change it." And I was so proud of the team my partner Joe and I have put together.

Listen, there are other companies like us, who actually care, and try to make their customers' lives better. 

We're not unique. But we're pretty rare.

So that's how we fix it - you and I.  Maybe not tomorrow, but over time, we should prioritize the businesses that care about us as people. 

And I'm not just talking about ChromaLabel.  

Get your labels somewhere else if you need! That's fine - but just promise me you'll buy from another family-owned business, or from an entrepreneur on Etsy, etc.!

It's the only way we fix it.

    Because we've been told our lives will be better, richer, and fuller if we save 10%.

    But the truth is that we're just paying for it another way.

Let me know what you think.  Am I naive? Maybe... But I hope not!

But either way, you've got two guys who really, legitimately, care about our amazing team.  And in turn, we all care about you, your challenges, and being the best possible partner we can.

That's a promise.  And I'd love to come tell you more sometime!

Andrew & Joe

Co-Owners, and sticker guys

Del was a medical supplies sales guy in the 70's. Things were going fine until one Friday in 1976, when he decided to kick off work a little early to garden. The boss drove by, wrote him up, and Del got frustrated about the work/life balance.

He also knew there was a growing need for adhesive tapes and labels in the medical industry. His desire to work from home (way ahead of his time, that guy) and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to his garage. One used tape slitter later, he was in business. And we still have that same slitter!

Fast forward almost 5 decades: Del's son Andrew, and his childhood friend Joe, now oversee almost 50 employees. We now proudly serve manufacturing, aerospace, data, and (of course) medical industries, along with scores of others.

Today, that same expertise and passion drives us to provide you with custom solutions you need to stress out less, and save time at work... you can take a Friday afternoon off with your family. Del would approve.

Does Made in America Matter Anymore?

At ChromaLabel, where we hand-craft every product in the heart of Kansas, it matters. And it's something we live by.

It means you're getting consistent, quality products from a family-owned business that started in a garage, and has grown with one simple vision: to make the lives of our customers easier and more organized.

Since 1976, we've helped thousands bring color-coding exceptionalism to their business. We know too well that "one size fits all" just doesn't cut it in today's world. Our customers demand better. And we deliver better - better quality, better customer service, and small-town ethics that is rare to find today.  That's our promise every day!