When dealing with patient files in a medical office, companies put storage protocols in place to adequately balance privacy and confidentiality with findability, reference quickness, and accuracy. While it may go without saying that printable label stickers are excellent for putting client names—as well as indicating non-personal but high-importance information—color-coding files with other kinds of external and internal medical office labels and stickers can also greatly help. In fact, they can also help communicate information that isn’t necessarily relevant to the patient’s health but may matter to the doctors or other medical professionals with whom the patient interacts.

While external labeling can help to indicate patients with severe allergies, for patients who are high fall risks or have any other relevant medical information that the doctors should not overlook, color-coding medical office labels can also help to separate the information found inside a patient's folder. Having color-coded tabs and stickers to indicate what kind of information you’ll find in a given section of the folder can help to hasten information retrieval and referencing. So, individuals won’t waste time looking for any one piece of information.

From a completely different angle, information that is not necessarily relevant to the patient’s health but informs doctors and care providers in other ways can also hold great importance. Dentists, for instance, may use colored circle stickers to indicate patients who have excellent oral hygiene (or not so much). Similarly, depending on the medical facility, using colored labels and stickers to indicate a patient’s vaccination status may prove valuable.

However you choose to organize your files, sticker labeling and colored dots give you a great way to improve access to information without necessarily involving significant file updates or notes that people can easily miss.

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