Using color coding or sticker labeling in a corporate environment might seem like a holdover from grade school—but the effects of office labeling can be wide reaching enough to surprise you. While every business’s vertical is different, the use of labels and stickers can serve to promote better organization, increase productivity, and even be a way to communicate more effectively with your coworkers.  

The most common use of stickers in the workplace is for labeling, which is most easily done either by color-coding with colored dot stickers or with printable labels, which are helpful if you’ve got more categories than a color code would simplify. For either system, organizing will become easier because office labeling via either method provides you with information at a glance. This can help ensure that the right physical documents are in the right place, without even having to open the containing folder—except perhaps to investigate.  

In a similar way, the improved organization brought about by colored dot office labeling can further serve to improve quarterly productivity. Although it might only take half a second to see blue- and red-marked folders and know both of their intended destinations, this same process over an extended period of time begins to add up and can save the company a ton of precious time in the long run. 

One of the more interesting ways we frequently see our stickers used is as non-verbal indicators. A red dot on a client folder may indicate they are at risk of cutting ties, where a green sticker might signify a longstanding client the company fostered an excellent relationship with.  

No matter how you go about implementing their use, the applications of office stickers and labeling will be as versatile as you are creative. There is no wrong way to improve your business’s organization, and ChromaLabel is here to help. If you have any questions regarding the stickers or labels we carry and how you might best use them, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page or over the phone.