How to Set Up an Effective Filing System

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Though the digital age took over years ago, paper filing systems still have a role in any industry because physical records still need maintaining. Due to the importance of the information, it’s vital that this system is as organized as possible, which is why businesses implement filling systems. Learn how to set up an effective filing system for your business below.

Create Categories/Sections

Before you start to file, you will first want to figure out how you will want to sort items. The best way to go about this is to create sections or categories. These sections and categories will obviously vary for every business, but some examples include the information’s subject, the date, or last names.

Use Colors

Now that you’ve given the information a specific category, you can now use color to designate them. Using color has many benefits, and a main one is that it helps with organization. With each color signifying a category, efficiency increases.

Have Visible Labels

When you assign colors to each category, the purpose can be defeated if the labels aren’t visible. Ensure that you use vanilla folders where the tab sticks out so that you can quickly find the information you need.

Get A Quality Filing Cabinet

Another item you should invest in that can help you greatly is a quality filing cabinet. Filing systems can quickly become a disorganized mess if they just sit in piles. An effective filing system includes having an appropriate space to store everything. Make sure you have a cabinet that can house all the files.

Use the Same Type of Folders

When you set up your filing system, use the same type of folder so that you can keep everything as consistent as possible. Consistency is key in organization, and a big part of that is the folders used to store information. While colors still need to vary based on category, the folders will keep everything uniformed.

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Update from April 2021

It may be worth while for you to label the outside of each drawer in the filing cabinet. This can be easily achieved with color coded labeling tape, or a color coded dot sticker. You can even put a clear label protector over the label for added protection! 

Color-code organization

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