• 3-4 inch Assorted Fluorescent Removable Stickers on a Liner
  • A Person's hand writing pricing on a sticker with a felt tip marker
  • Stickers that color code books based on genre
  • Size Comparison between 3-4 inch Labels and a US penny and Quarter

3/4" Removable Color-Code Sheeted Dot Pack (Fluorescent): 1,200/Pack


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Quick Product Facts

    •     - 5 colors per pack of 3/4" dots
    •     - 240 dots of each color (1,200 total)
    •     - Dots have a 0.75 inch diameter (19.05mm/ 1.9cm)
    •     - Removable adhesive removes without residue
    •     - Paper label material provides good writability


Our customers are finding endless uses for these lovely stickers! A comprehensive list of applications for these round labels has never been compiled, as we're always hearing about more.

Real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, logistics and food service are a handful of industries that can never seem to quench their thirst for the little round labels.

One example is a California hospital placing a dot on each employee's name tag to show that that person had received a specific vaccination. Another example is the shipping guy at a local company across the alley who likes to anonymously stick dots on the keyboards of folks in the sale department. 

More examples range from inventory solutions, production handling, file sorting, garage sales, and product identification are a few more examples that come to mind; but the list never really ends.

How Removable Are These?

These will remove cleanly and easily from paper, plastic, glass, wood, beryllium, rubber, metal and virtually any other element in the known universe. Please consider, though, that there is some amount of adhesive that makes tackiness possible. Under very specific circumstances (high heat, pressure, longevity, zombie apocalypse, exposure), the adhesive could adhere more strongly and become more difficult to remove. Other than that, you'll take these stickers right off 99% of the time.

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Swatch CardEach computer monitor renders colors a little bit differently. How do you know that what you're seeing on your screen is completely accurate? Also, how do you know exactly which color you want? For example, we have five different types of green to choose from. If getting the precise hue of green is important to you, we highly suggest that you ask us for a free color swatch card.

Besides, the free swatches are just sitting by our coffee pot (which brewed an aromatic Espresso blend today). Typically, we'll get the swatch in the mail to you the same day you ask. Please click here to request a free color swatch card.