Here’s a story of a unique way to spice up life using stickers! 

Dorothy has decorated her mailings for years with various stickers. When she called asking about our colored translucent dots, we were excited to hear her story, as it was certainly a more unique use of color coding labels (and you thought people just used regular old clear wafer seals for mailings).

Dorothy was kind enough to write the following guest blog post for us at ChromaLabel. Enjoy! And thank you Dorothy for bringing some welcome levity to our lives :)

- Patrick @ ChromaLabel

White Mailings with Colored Dot Stickers

I surround myself with dots and stickers and just have fun ...

Last month I called ChromaLabel to order their special translucent sticker dotswhich I only use to decorate envelopes.

I explained that I use these dots to create fun designs on envelopes of cards and letters that I send out to friends and family (I've been using stickers and dots to decorate envelopes for many years).

Decorating Letters with LabelsCombining primary colored dots for a splash of color

Patrick, at ChromaLabel, asked me if I would send him some examples of my decorated envelopes using the ChromaLabel colored sticker dots.

He suggested that maybe we could share my ideas for using his company's dots in this fun way with some of his readers through a company blog. I have never 'blogged' before so I thought this was such a good idea. Patrick then was kind enough to supply me with a nice selection of sticker dots, and I began my sticker-envelope designs.

When I create envelope sticker patterns, I never pre-plan a design. I surround myself with dots and stickers and just have fun.

I enjoy using translucent Chroma dots of all sizes to create color transparencies. For example, if you slide the edge of a red circle over the edge of a yellow circle, they create orange. If you superimpose a yellow circle over a blue circle, it appears green. So you can make designs with these dots that are visually very interesting.

Actually, I've been decorating envelopes forever. Everyone who knows me collects and loves my envelopes. They call me the envelope sticker lady.

Here are a few stories about my envelopes from over the years that I'd like to share with you:

Years ago, I went into my local post office to mail one of my decorated letters. I had previously always mailed my decorated envelopes from the mail box near my home. For the first time, I went into my post office with one of my crazy decorated envelopes and handed it to the postal worker. He stared at it and started yelling to his co workers:

"OMG, this is the lady who makes those envelopes!"

His coworkers came from the back and crowded all around staring at me; they were so ecstatic to see me. I couldn't believe what was happening! They told me that every time one of my letters passed through their hands, they always enjoyed showing my envelopes to all the other postal workers. I was thrilled.

Assorted Colored Dots on MailingSpice up your mailings with translucent colored dots

Because of these envelopes, so many other wonderful things have happened over the years:

  • My friend's grandchildren have called my envelopes "Gan-mar's magic letters"

  • I've made new friends and was once even offered a job

  • The envelopes inspired group of women in Australia to have envelope-sticker parties

  • And, lastly, I sent the First Lady a card with a decorated envelope, which she personally thanked me for and said it was lovely

  • These envelopes are so much fun. I hope you'll give it a try.

    — Dorothy G.  |  Raleigh, North Carolina


    Update from April 2021

    Let us know if you've found a unique and creative way to use our stickers! Whether you use the stickers for decorating envelopes or gifts, or use them to keep your office organized, these stickers definitely come in handy.


    Color-code organizationHarold's pick


    Charles C.

    Dots great!



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