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Our Extraordinary Medical Professional Winner: Sara Robbins



A couple weeks ago, we asked our customers to nominate medical professionals who are setting a standard of professionalism and care while the nation battles the Covid-19 pandemic. We received the following testimonial from Brian, who nominated Sara Robbins, a nurse at Home Health Agency in Dayton, Ohio: Sara is a dedicated home healthcare nurse whose patients love her. She has been out on the front lines during this pandemic seeing patients in their homes and risking her health to do so. Everyday she goes above and beyond for her patients, even running small errands and shopping for them on her own...

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What do National Flags, Snails, and Quinine Have to do with Purple?


purple colored dots

When you hear about a teenager messing around in his bedroom with a chemistry set, that conjures up predictions of a window blown out, an accidental fire, or at the least, a bleached spot on the carpet.  But as The Guardian explained, 18 year-old William Henry Perkin's accident was much more fortunate in 1856: "Perkin was studying at the Royal College of Chemistry and was trying to find a way of making quinine in his makeshift lab at home. At the time, quinine was used to treat malaria, but it was expensive because it came from the bark of the South American...

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Dorothy's Dots


Dots on Envelopes

Here’s a story of a unique way to spice up life using stickers!  Dorothy has decorated her mailings for years with various stickers. When she called asking about our colored translucent dots, we were excited to hear her story, as it was certainly a more unique use of color coding labels (and you thought people just used regular old clear wafer seals for mailings). Dorothy was kind enough to write the following guest blog post for us at ChromaLabel. Enjoy! And thank you Dorothy for bringing some welcome levity to our lives :) - Patrick @ ChromaLabel I surround myself...

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ChromaLabel and your money



When you do business with someone, you enter into a relationship with them, whether it's an ongoing partnership, or a one-time transaction.  Some of our customers are definitely in the latter category, and purchase 1 pack of 1/4" dots from us (about the least expensive thing you can buy on our site) and are on their way.  Others have chosen to continue shopping with us, coming back to us time and again for our quality, customer service, and value. You're entering into a relationship with these guys when you buy at ChromaLabel.  Don't worry, they're only like this on the...

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