When you do business with someone, you enter into a relationship with them, whether it's an ongoing partnership, or a one-time transaction.  Some of our customers are definitely in the latter category, and purchase 1 pack of 1/4" dots from us (about the least expensive thing you can buy on our site) and are on their way.  Others have chosen to continue shopping with us, coming back to us time and again for our quality, customer service, and value.

You're entering into a relationship with these guys when you buy at ChromaLabel.  Don't worry, they're only like this on the weekends.

Whether you're a 1 pack dot guy, or a 1,000 rolls of Cloth Tape girl, you're trusting us with your time and money - and trusting that we'll fulfill our end of the bargain to help your business, school, or home life.  This trust is something we take very seriously, and will never take for granted.  

Part of the confidence that you entrust to us has to do with online security and safety in the mid 2010's and beyond.  So I wanted to take a few moments and let you know what we're doing to make your online experience safer and more secure, while also being very convenient and easy for you! 


We use Shopify as our E-Commerce provider.  They are the "engine" that runs ChromaLabel.  When you check out at our site, you'll see that your web address has been redirected to an address that looks like "checkout.shopify.com".  This lets you know that you're on Shopify's trusted server, and your information is being transmitted safely and securely.

A few of the trusted services we utilize

When you create an account with us, all your information is stored on their servers, which use industry-recognized encription and secure your data safely and securely.  In a time where the Heartbleed attack is still very fresh in the minds of security professionals, Shopify takes the storage of your data very seriously.

Credit Cards and Authorize.net

When you check out with Shopify, you have the option to use 6 different credit cards.  Each of these cards is processed through Shopify's servers, into Authorize.net, and then to your bank.  Authorize.net is the service (known as the Payment Gateway Provider) that allows your bank to "talk" to our bank, making the transfer of funds possible.

Authorize.Net is a proven payment gateway, which has been around since the infancy of the internet - these guys know how to keep information and data safe.

Other Payment Methods

We strive to make checkout as easy and intuitive for you as possible.  This is why we offer three alternate methods, as well as using a credit card.

Purchase Order

Probably the most self-explanatory.  For any order over $50, we're happy to accept terms of 30 days net payment.  Simply choose the "check out with PO" button at checkout, and your order will go through, no hassle.  Then simply fax or email us your PO.  Your order will be out the door lickety-split and an invoice will follow.

A Bit-What?


If you do any kind of shopping online, you're familiar with PayPal.  Known for years as the easiest way to transfer money online between two people, PayPal has bridged the gap between personal payments and professional systems perfectly.  We're happy to offer this as an alternate checkout for folks who have those easy-to-use accounts.


The newest player on the digital currency market, Bitcoin is rapidly gaining in popularity, gaining fans such as Dell Computers, Expedia, and Overstock.com, as well as rave reviews from privacy and security advocates.  If you use Bitcoins at all, you'll be pleased to know that we offer checkout using this process, with Coinbase as our Bitcoin "processor".

Want to learn more?  Here's a short synopsis if you're interested.  But if you don't know what Bitcoin is, and don't care to know, then don't worry about it.  You don't have to know about it to checkout on ChromaLabel. 

What this means for you

We wrote this as an effort to let you know what steps we take to safeguard your online shopping experience.  We've surrounded ourselves with experts in this industry, letting them keep and safeguard your information - Since that's what they do best.

And we'll keep doing what we do best:  Making and selling fantastic tape and label products for you!