Every year, for the past 24 years, Pantone, the guys who decide the standard for colors throughout the printing, fashion, and design industries, pick a "Color of the Year."  They choose this color based on trends they're seeing, and predict that it will be the hottest, most fabulous, amazingly overused color.  And don't just think they choose red.  Or green.  Or white.  No, it's always something super obscure, because let's face it, they want us to think they're intelligent and know more about color than we do.

Well, they do.  But that's beside the point.

Anyway, the color this year is Marsala, a dark maroon / brown that is incredibly dark, earthy and rich.  I'll be honest, when I saw this color, my first impulse was a bit of blech.  (That's an industry term, really.)  Apparently some other folks feel the same way I do.

Last year's color was Radiant Orchid, which was a very light and clean purply-pink color, very similar to our Specialty Violet color.  2013 featured Emerald, which we kinda liked here in Kansas.  This year, however, Pantone thinks we're all going to like a color that's kind of a cross between a wine stain and stuff that's left in the bottom of my coffee mug.

Listen, the Pantone guys know what they're doing.  I guess.  But it's kind of like the art snobs in the museums telling us what art we're supposed to like and what it's worth.  (And I'm a guy who got his degree in Art History!)

Here at ChromaLabel, we don't presume to tell you folks what to order or what colors to like.  We'll leave that to the Pantone guys.  Instead, we'll provide 38 colors that we promise will be of the same quality every time you order them.  We know this because we've been color matching for the past thirty-five years, since I was knee-high to a roll of dots.

We promise a great variety of colors for any possible use, with inks and colors that will stay true, all at the best possible value in the industry.

And if you want some Marsala 1/4" Dots, we can even custom print those too.  But I can't promise I won't think "blech" when I send them to you...

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