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3 Fun and Useful Organization Ideas for Colored Adhesive Tape


colored adhesive tape

As many people know, color is an incredibly useful organizational tool. Businesses, hospitals, and educational establishments worldwide use color to help individuals remember important informational categories. From highlighters to small colored dot stickers, the humble tools used to color code keep our world running smoothly. One such tool is those ever-useful rolls of colored adhesive tape. Colored adhesive tapes give organizers the power to create blank labels quickly. Colored tape is also useful for creating temporary attachments, and for creating colorful edges on paper. This versatility is precisely what makes removable colored tape so handy. If you're looking for ways...

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Clean Remove Labels from ChromaLabel



Removable Labels Remove Cleanly

Do you have color-coding situations in your office, shop, or pantry that change frequently?  Here at ChromaLabel, as we are always in the business of listening to our customers’ needs, we have recently extended our line of round color-code labels to include dots with removable adhesive.  The advantage of the removable label, in contrast to our permanent labels, is that it removes cleanly from most surfaces once it is no longer needed. They are well suited for labeling delicate items that could potentially lose value if covered with a sticky residue.  A common use for removable dots are for price...

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