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The Best Way To Secure Packaging and Envelopes

E-commerce isn’t completely electronic. Even when buying and selling online, tangible goods have to get from Point A to Point B in one piece. The real-life logistics behind the virtual marketplace can be a hurried, rough-and-tumble process, and to the control freaks among us, it’s one that’s largely and frustratingly out of our hands. Though you can’t personally deliver packages to doorsteps from Walla Walla, Washington, to Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland, and everywhere in between, what you can do is give your goods the best shot of arriving as intended with optimal packaging and sealing strategies. Here are some tips from Chromalabel on the best ways to secure packaging and envelopes for your small business.

Right-Size Your Packaging: Keep It Snug

Larger packaging doesn’t guarantee a lighter touch as your goods move through the system. If the box is too big and doesn’t have the right padding or packaging material, the product can bounce around and take some damage in transit. Look for the smallest possible package for your goods with just enough filler to protect the goods. You don’t want to pay to mail your customer your finest shredded paper or packing peanuts. Keeping packaging to a minimum can keep your costs down as well—because many services now take an item’s dimensions into account when pricing shipments, oversized packaging could wind up throwing money away.

Tapes ‘n Tapes: Choose Wisely

As you get ready to seal up a box or mailer, you may look to your junk drawer and find you’re out of packing tape. For taping your packages, accept no substitutes—neither masking tape nor Scotch tape has the strength to secure packaging through a freight network. Duct tape, as every weekend warrior knows, can work in a pinch, but heavy and ragged duct tape along a cardboard box does not confer the professionalism you wish to present through every step of your small business. One thing is for certain: don’t use string or twine, as they can gum up sorting machinery and ensure an item never find its destination.

Wafer Seals: Thin as a Rail, Tough as a Nail

A small circular seal surely has to be simply decorative, right? With wafer seals from Chromalabel, not necessarily. When you can cut packaging down to the bare minimum, these crystal-clear seals are one of the best ways to secure packaging and envelopes. They sturdily and attractively seal envelopes and mailers, not to mention lock in the gift boxes you may be sending in other packages. From small but mighty wafer seals to bright and colorful labels, you’ll want to stick with Chromalabel for all your adhesive needs.

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