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Do you have color-coding situations in your office, shop, or pantry that change frequently?  Here at ChromaLabel, as we are always in the business of listening to our customers’ needs, we have recently extended our line of round color-code labels to include dots with removable adhesive.  The advantage of the removable label, in contrast to our permanent labels, is that it removes cleanly from most surfaces once it is no longer needed. They are well suited for labeling delicate items that could potentially lose value if covered with a sticky residue.  A common use for removable dots are for price tags during sales. They stay attached to the products you are trying to sell, but still remove cleanly once someone has purchased them. The surface to which the label is being applied will directly affect how much adhesion there is.  Hard surfaces such as wood, metal, and glass make removing the label the easiest. Other, more porous, surfaces such as cardboard and paper will have a stronger bond. Removability is also affected by how long the label is left in place. In some cases, especially after being stuck for long periods of time (weeks) or in high heat situations (100℉+), the label may end up permanently adhering.

Over the years, we have accumulated many valuable insights from our loyal customers as to the best uses for our dot stickers.  The clean remove labels have many of the same uses as our permanent labels and may help to improve your existing coding system by allowing for easy removal as the situation changes.  We continue to rely on your feedback and comments, so let us know how our expanded line of removable labels are making a difference in your projects!

Removable Labels for Delicate Items

Removable adhesive

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