In last week’s post, we mentioned that we recently launched a new line of removable dots to complement our extensive line of permanent labels.  But, besides the adhesive, what other qualities are integral to our labels?

One key element of our stickers, whether circular, rectangular, or star shaped, is the type of paper material from which they are manufactured.  All of our color-coding labels are carefully crafted by skilled pressman on a variety of label stocks, each with their own unique characteristics.  



Semi-Gloss Color Coding DotsMost of our colored labels with permanent adhesive are made from a semi-gloss stock.  This is due to the fact that the material is clay-coated, which increases the quality of the labels and ensures that their color is as rich and even as possible. 






Matte Finish Fluorescent DotsOn the other hand, most of the removable labels, as well as the fluorescent permanent ones, are matte finish.  Matte paper absorbs the fluorescent coating very well which makes sure that the labels really stand out. This material is truly fluorescent meaning that it glows under a black light, making them ideal for party decorations….or creepy basement offices.



Metallic Color Coding DotsAll three of our metallic colors (Gold, Silver, and Bronze), whether permanent or removable, are forged from a special foil coated paper, giving them a nice satin finish and high quality feel.  This unique material gives our metallic labels the qualities necessary for some cool projects, one of which we will look at in more detail next week.