Embossed Metallic Foil LabelsWhile the primary use for our color-code labels is utilizing the full range of our 38 colors to identify and differentiate your project, this is but one dimension possible for our stickers.  Some of our crafty customers have conquered the dullness of common color-coding with countless creative concepts. Among the many creative uses for our labels, there is a particularly interesting one that we hinted at last week.  Due to the fact that our metallic labels are all made from a foil coated material, they have the extra durability required for embossing, which greatly broadens the scope of inventive opportunities.


How to Emboss

The embossing process allows for an image to be stamped into the texture of the label, utilizing the metallic sheen to showcase the custom message or design.  Both manual and automatic embossers are available for purchase online from many vendors with standard and custom plates. The basic process for embossing is the same for any of these instruments:  

1. Insert the label (still on the liner paper), centered in the embosser.
2. Compress the embosser slowly without over-crimping which can result in a wrinkled label.
3. Release the embosser, and remove the newly stamped label.
4. Apply the label to invitations, certificates of achievement, place-cards and more.


Adding the dimension of depth to your label through embossing gives a custom, professional look that is sure to impress.
Embossing Metallic Foil Labels

Sticky News Update from September 2019

Why Would You Emboss Your Labels?

Embossing can seem a bit pretentious at first. Generally, you only see embossed labels in very formal matters. In a way, embossing a dot is the modern equivalent to stamping a wax seal. It bears an air of formality to it. Maybe you are the type of person who loves to bust out the red wax and the signet ring whenever you write a letter. In this case, consider the extra postage based on the added weight as well as the difficulty that causes for post offices. If you are not that person, keep in mind that embossing a dot brings the same message of a formalness, and it's much cheaper than buying wax and stamps.


Update from April 2021

There are many occasions when an embossed label will lend some class to your envelope. Invitations for wedding and anniversary or other special occasions will definitely be elevated by an embossed label. If your business mails personalized thank you letters or greeting cards, an embossed label can add a touch of personality to your letter! 

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