Writable Colored Labels

Round Color Code Inventory LabelsOne of the key features of our color coding labels is their writability.  This adds yet another option to your labeling arsenal, in addition to color, size, shape, finish and adhesive.  Any of our color-code labels can be made into custom labels by simply writing on them with a felt tip marker. 

Our labels are made from a number of different materials, all of which are easy to write on.  Additionally, the marker’s ink will neither leak through to the surface beneath nor bleed across the label due to the high quality of the label stock. 

Writable Round Colored LabelsUsing ¾” or 1” dots and a Sharpie, it’s easy to create color-coded price tags for a garage sale or thrift store.  The 2” x 3” rectangular labels are great for making name tags for people at a social event or students and their belongings.  The large stickers are also perfect for adding names to gift packaging in a unique and colorful way.

Inventory control, boutique shop deals, business conventions, yard sales, or labeling leftovers in the fridge, get your message across with our versatile labels.  Grab a box, roll or pack of our writable labels and start color coding!

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