color code tape

We spent most of this past Christmas week putting together a video highlighting some of the popular uses of our Color Code Tape.  You should have seen our planning session...  Every time we thought we had all the uses on our Dry-Erase board completed, we would add two or three more ideas for our video shoot.

That's the thing that's so fun about this tape:  its possibilities really are endless.  Heck, just on Christmas day, I was tasked with keeping the kids out of trouble.  So I grabbed a roll of tape, ran it across an entryway, and we played balloon volleyball for about 2 hours.  It was a total blast.  And, I'll have you know, I completely destroyed those 5 year olds.  It wasn't even close.

You never know what you may be able to use this tape for, so it’s handy to have around as a household item. Once you find one use for the tape, you will quickly start finding more ways to use it! 

So here's the deal.  I'd love to know about your ideas, and your inventive, creative uses.  Send us a video, a picture, or just an email with your interesting tape use, and you can get some free product!

Just send me an email directly (, and we'll get you set up!


Updated October 2022

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