Add Years to Books with Book Wings

The Problem:

Picture this... A guy has a pickup truck bed that has endured years of everything that he could throw at it. From days on construction sites, to evenings bringing home lumber and supplies, to weekends hauling gear to football games.  For dozens of months, this bed has been the reason he's been able to be as productive as he can be.  

After a while, he gets one of those spray-on truck bed liners.  You know, the kind that bonds instantly, and forms a 1/2" thick shield of  protection to the metal and plastic?  It adds years, maybe decades more life to the most important part of his vehicle, allowing him to be more efficient without spending tons of money for a new truck.

Easy as ripping a page!

You might think it's a stretch to compare a pickup truck bed to a book corner.  Heck, even Patrick here in the office looked at me a little strangely when I told him what I was writing about today.  But the corners are the hardest working, most abused parts of your books.

They get dinged up on shelves, hit the ground first when a book is dropped, get caught and (this makes my skin crawl) scraped on exposed bookshelf edges...  in short, your book takes the brunt of the punishment.  

The Solution

Sadly, there is no spray-on liner for your book corners.  Happily, there is the next best thing: ChromaLabel BookGuard™ Book Wings!

They're dead simple to use, too.  They come on a easily-removable liner, so just grab a wing, and apply the bottom edge to the edge of your book, letting the ends stick up in the air like they're doing the YMCA.

Then just open up each cover, and fold the ends down into the interior of the cover.  The BookGuard material bonds after 24 hours, giving you years more enjoyment to your books - and saving you money too.

And remember, all of our BookGuard products match perfectly!  From our Book Wings, to our Book Corners, to our Premium Cloth Book Tape - they're all made of the same great material, and designed to maximize the enjoyment you'll receive from your library.


Update from September 2019

It's not cheating … it's just that easy

It is possible to achieve the effect of book wings and corners with Premium Book Guard Tape and a pair of scissors. However, when working with large amounts of books, it is easy to settle for a quick fix and pay less attention to precision cutting. Our pre-cut wings and corners save you time without compromising on that professional look that all your books deserve. 

Now, next week's blog post:  Trying to find a relationship between one of our products and spray-on tans!


Update from April 2021

Your books may be getting more use than you have noticed! Maybe it’s time to bring a little life back to books you plan on preserving. Books such as recipe books get a lot of use throughout the years, and if you have had them for a long time, they may not be easily replaceable. Luckily, these wings can help you preserve the books you love.

Book repair

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