Our ChromaLabel Color Coding Tape has a bit of an identity crisis — most of it self-inflicted. When someone asks me what I sell, I want to tell them about our tape but don't really know how to do it in an elevator pitch. I usually say, "It's like duct tape in that you can use it for everything except you can remove it easily, doesn't leave behind residue, and it color codes, and it bundles and..." with me trailing off somewhat at the end.

One of my favorite things to do is give the tape to creative people in different industries and see the new uses they find for it.  

                  I don't tell them a thing about it other than: "check it out, and let me know what you do with it." They usually accept the tape with a puzzled look that resolves in: "it's free, so what the hay".

Kids sit on their spots during "circle time"

Generally, within a week or so, I'll get a phone call where they say "OhMyGoshINeedMorePleaseIt'sSoGreat!"


Reading to Kids with Tape

I send my kiddos to a preschool here in Manhattan, and I routinely give Kristin, the director, a box of Color Coding tape. The first time I brought her the sticky tape, she had a similar reaction to everyone else. Now I bring her about 40 rolls a month!  

The children have "circle time" right after breakfast where the teacher will usually read a story, or they'll sing some songs. All the children have a designated spot on the floor that forms a semi-circle around their teacher.  If you have kids, you'll know that trying to get them to sit in a spot that's not very clearly defined is like herding cats, with cries of "Daniel is SITTING ON ME!!!"

Indoor recess with Color Code Tape

The teacher will label the specific spots on the floor with the little one's initial, or sometimes a simple drawing made out of the tape.  This way, expectations are laid out clearly, and even the smallest child knows exactly where his spot is.

Once it's time to remove the tape, it comes up cleanly, with no sticky-stuff left behind.


Hopscotch and Sippy Cups

Here in Kansas, the weather goes from a few weeks of -10º in January to a few weeks of solid 110º temperatures in August, meaning that the children spend lots of time indoors for recess.  One of the teachers had a great idea to lay out a game of hopscotch using our tape.  

Even after a few weeks of the kids trouncing all around it, the teachers were able to peel it off the industrial carpet very easily...  Again, no residue, no mess.

During the summer, when the temperatures do spike, the children need to have water bottles and cups handy while they play outside.  The caregivers label everything with our tape, knowing that they won't need to use any chemicals like mineral spirits or lighter fluid to remove the stuff.  And while we don't claim this as a published benefit, I'll tell you that there have been labeled cups that have made it through multiple rounds of the dishwasher totally unscathed, and still totally removable.


Taping Art to Walls

Kristin also loves taping the children's art to walls. When it's time to swap it out, the tape is easy to peel off and doesn't leave a gooey mess behind. In her own words:

I have been meaning to tell you that your tape is the best for keeping things on the walls!  We have to tape stuff up ... all the time and your tape is the only kind that will actually hold anything to the brick walls.Thanks!

Color Code Tape used to make the alphabet on the floor.


How do you use it?

If you want a few free sample rolls to try out, let us know!  I'd love to know what it is that other creative folks use our tape for!  Do you need to label parts in your workshop?  Are you in construction and need to color-code tools or mark spots on lumber?  If you're in retail, maybe you use bits of it to mark spots on clothing and fabric where your mark needs to come off cleanly! There’s thousands of uses for this tape. We’d love to hear your story!

Just contact us and ask for some samples.  We'll get it out to you right away, and maybe feature your story in an upcoming article here on our site, along with a link to your business.  We're always interested in the ways you find to make your life easier with our Color Coding Tape.


Update from April 2021

The tape is useful across many different industries. Large manufacturing companies, small businesses, retailers, schools, and home offices get use from this color coding tape. The edges don't peel up, the tape doesn't leave a residue, it stays put, and it comes in a variety of colors! 

Color-code organization

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