We've always been thrilled with the response that customers have had to our 37 vibrant colors of Color Coding Dots. These labeling stickers are perfect in their simplicity…  they’re just bits of sticky,easy-to-write-on paper with color. That’s it.

But that’s what also makes them so versatile. If you need basic colors, we've got them.  If you need colors that are a bit more unique like Aqua, Lime or Fluorescent Chartreuse, we offer those too. One of the things that made me stop and think for a minute was when my dad (our fearless founder) said to me:

You know, the real beauty of these dots is that they can’t be put on upside down or crooked. 

Our standard Color Coding Dot compared to the Pre-Laminated Grab-A-Dot.

Furthermore, color is a universal voice that bursts through language barriers and transcends educational limits. While these color-code dots feature a robust adhesive that sticks to clean, non-porous surfaces, sometimes there are applications where more adhesion is necessary.


The problem with dots

Before Grab-A-Dots became available 35 years ago, librarians had sticker dots popping off book spines (especially hardcover books). Even with the strong adhesion of regular color dots, there were sometimes chemicals in the book binding or dust/ grime that made the dots not stick quite as well. This was especially true with smaller dots (¼” and ½” sizes); there just wasn’t enough surface area to keep them adhered.

Librarians got around this problem by applying label protectors on top of the colored dots (a great solution), but this doubled the work load and complicated issues — not to mention nearly tripling their product costs.


The solution: Dot joins Label Protector

Grab-A-Dots are a fusion of colored dots/stars into clear label protectors during the manufacturing process, thus creating one easy-to-use product for color coding purposes. You can get them in 24 different colors as dots or stars.

We started offering Grab-A-Dots to our friends in the library industry, and they instantly saved time, money and material costs.

Now, librarians could more securely apply color-coded dots to nearly every kind of book spine and surface. The edges of the pre-applied label protector wrap around the book spine, creating a very secure bond.  It works ESPECIALLY well for thinner books where the edges of the dots were sticking up.

Who can use 'em?

Though libraries have been the primary beneficiaries of Grab-A-Dots, anyone who uses a color coding system for inventory management will very likely find a way to use this product to help them cut costs. They can help students organize their books throughout the school year and businesses organize not only books but also 3-ring binders and other folders.

Security, Permanence, Color Coding,  Universality.  Try our Grab-A-Dots today and see how much easier they make your cataloging and inventory management.

Once you give them a try, let us know how you like this product and what creative uses you found for them! We love hearing from you.


Update from April 2021

These dots come as both permanent and removable! They're also available in a variety of colors and sizes. No matter what you're project or organizational need is, we will have a dot that's the right size, color and stickiness for you! 

Color-code organization

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