The Many Uses of Color Coding Tape

Welcome to the bright, colorful world of colored adhesive tape. The uses for this nifty tape has endless possibilities. Here's an introduction to ChromaLabel's color coding tape:


So Many Colors (and Sizes!) 

colored tape

Many bright and beautiful colors to choose from. The tape is available on rolls of 14 yards and rolls of 60 yards and in widths of 1/2", 3/4" and 1". 






removable colored tape

The adhesive is strong but the tape is removable. It won't peel up at the edges or crack. Best of all, no sticky residue is left behind when the tape is removed! 







Marker Friendly 

marker friendly tape

Easily write on this tape with no fear of smudging. Made of plasticized paper so the ink from pens or markers will not bleed through. 






So What is This Tape Used For?

There are a ton of options! Here's a list of a few:


All Things Organizing 

Whether you're organizing your space at the office, or sorting baking items in the kitchen, this tape is easy to write on, tear a piece off, and label jars, keyboards, containers, cabinets, shelves, desktops, and more to keep things organized. 



This tape is really useful in school or day care settings. It can be used as an organizational tool by labeling items, boxes, or folders. It can also be used creatively for fun activities for kids. 

Check out this video to see what we mean. 



Color coding tape makes labeling items in the lab or pharmacy really easy. You can use as much or as little as you need, write on it, and tear it off. It's much stronger than masking tape, but still easy to tear a piece without scissors. 


At Home 

It's handy to have around the house. In the kitchen, garage, and for the kids. You never know when you may need a sticky friend to label, fix, or help getting creative. 


Check out our variety packs and multiple colors here. 

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