Color Coding in the Medical Industry

We know that colored adhesive tape can be extremely useful in the medical industry. Whether it's labeling charts, files, boxes, eppendorf tubes, or erlenmeyer flasks. Keeping things easy to find, read, and organized will help you and those who work with you. Establishing an organizational system can keep the work flow going smoothly and make everyone's day a little easier. 



Tape of Different Sizes

test tubes

Having tape at hand with different widths will come in very helpful. ChromaLabel's tape comes in widths of 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch. This gives you the flexibility to label items of all different sizes.






After sticking tape on something there's always a possibility of realizing you may have placed it on the wrong spot. Don't worry! ChromaLabel's tape is removable; even if it's been stuck there for a long time and it won't leave behind a sticky residue. 

Removable doesn't mean these stickers won't stay in place. As a matter of fact, these stickers don't peel up on the corners or crack. 



Why Colors are Helpful 

stack of tape

ChromaLabel offers multiple bright colors. Pick your favorite, the company colors, or mix and match. This makes sorting and organizing by color extremely effective. If you're looking for a specific color and want to see it in person before placing an order, we can send you a color swatch! 




Practical Uses

In a hospital room or doctor's office there are many items that could potentially need to be labelled and sorted. Color coding medicine bottles, equipment, and medical charts are just some of the ways color coded tape is used. It's easy to remove once it is no longer needed, and it can be used to color code or to write on directly.



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