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The bell has rung, the students are ready, and one of the kids tells you they forgot their *insert student's object here*. You know you have one around here somewhere...but as you search, you feel the clock ticking, the students getting antsy, and you can't seem to find it aaannywhere. 


Getting your classroom organized and looking fantastic can be a daunting task. Either the school year is right around the corner, or maybe you're in the middle of it, trying to keep your head above water. 


Organization can help you and your students keep the day (and classroom) in order. Here's some tips to help you be the most organized teacher you can be:



1. Start With Your Desk

Start by organizing your own work space. Having a messy desk is another source of stress. Having a clean work place makes it easier to focus and makes it less likely that you will lose things.
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2. Everything Needs a Home 

All the objects stored in the classroom should have a home. Start by breaking everything into areas and deciding what should be stored in those areas.

What gets stored at your desk?  What gets stored at the student desks? What goes on the shelves or in the closet?



3. Bins and Boxes 

Bins and boxes can solve so many problems!

Gather all objects in need of a home, break them into different groups, and put them in their respective boxes. Felt or material storage cubes work well, but plastic always works great if there are materials that can be potentially left open and stain things, such as markers, paint, or other craft supplies. 


4. Color Code 

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Color coding will help you but it will especially help kids. There are a few ways to organize things. 

Color coded bins is one option. This will make it easy for kids to know which bins to put items in. And your can organize the bins on shelves according to color.

If you don't have color coded bins, labeling them individually will also work great. Removable colored tape is the way to go. ChromaLabel's color coding tape can be purchased in different widths (including, 1/2", 3/4", and 1") and tons of bright colors are available to color code by. Or, use only 1-2 colors and write on the tape. We've found that markers work best! The ink dries instantly and it won't smear. 

This tape's adhesive is strong enough to stick to most surfaces, but it's removable, and won't leave behind a sticky residue when removed. 

This tape can easily be stuck on students folders, books, pencils, homework, organizational boxes or bins in the classroom. can just take it off if you know longer need it there.

5. Make a Routine

Having a routine clean up time in place will make it more likely that items will end up back in their spot! Having places clearly marked will make it easier for students to help out. A color coded key up on the wall with reminders of where things go may help them as well!


For more organizing and color coding items check out ChromaLabel's products here

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