Getting Organized with Removable Color Coded Tape

Organization at home can be a big chore, especially if you have a big house or  you just have lots of stuff…

Everyone knows the dreaded, daily clean-up that every house hold requires. 

If there is no organizational system in place, things can get out of hand really easily.

Not to mention each room needs its own special organization. The kitchen, the bedrooms, the garage, the closets---oh, and don’t forget the kids' stuff!  

This article will discuss some easy ways to get your house organized. 


First Things First 

A good place to start is finding a home for the random items that pile up and cause clutter around the house. 

It's a good idea to start putting items in piles and deciding what can get grouped together. We're looking at you, drawer of random items that know no home. 

Find the hot spots that tend to collect a lot of clutter. Maybe a chair in an entry way that collects purses, keys and coats. Countertops and tables are also known places where items can start piling up. 

Figure out what items usually collect in those areas and then see if you can find them a permanent home. If shoes collect in front of the door, can you purchase a shoe rack? If mail gets left in different places, can there be a designated spot where the mail gets stacked?  


Once you have items divided into different groups, you need a place to store them! 



Storage Bins 

Storage bins are a great way to keep items clean, safe, and organized. In places like the garage you run the risk of items getting damaged by mold or water. Plastic containers can keep things safe.

In the kitchen, both plastic and glass storage containers can keep items like cereal, baking ingredients and spices, safe and sorted. 

In rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms, cube storage bins; usually made from cloth or some kind of material, are an easy way to keep clothing, toys, and other personal items sorted. 


cardboard boxes with dots

Removable Colored Tape 

Keeping items in a bin is a great way to give items their own spot. Adding  removable colored tape to those bins takes it to the next level of organization really easily. Having your containers conveniently labelled takes away the hassle of removing each container from the shelf before you find what you need.

It’s especially helpful for organizing kids’ items--as it will help them remember where to put things. 


Tape in Different Colors

If you can relate to Monica on Friends, then buying tape in multiple colors may be the right choice for you. But even for those less organizationally inclined, different colors of tape can be a good way to make the sorting chore fun and easy. Now you can organize by labels and by color coding. 


Tape of Different Sizes

Having tape with different widths at hand can come in helpful during your sorting project. ChromaLabel's tape comes in widths of 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch. 



After sticking tape on something you may realize that you placed it on the wrong spot. This tape is removable, so you aren't permanently stuck with tape where you don't want it. It will also remove after being in place for a long time, and it won't leave behind a sticky residue. 

 Removable doesn't mean these stickers won't stay in place. As a matter of fact, these stickers don't peel up on the corners or crack. They have even been tested on kid's water bottles, and have made it through the dishwasher- unscathed.


Organizational Color Coding Tape


Shelves are great for sorting. You can store your labelled bins on the shelves, or just label the shelf directly! (Using our favorite colorful, labeling tape!) This is an easy way to sort larger items, especially in places like closets or the garage. Putting smaller containers in each shelf is also an option if you need to sort smaller items. 


Color-code organization

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