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There are a few situations that can land you searching for 1 or 2 inch black cloth tape. 

Repairing church hymnals usually requires a cloth repair tape. And unless the hymnals are a vibrant color, neutral colors will usually work well.  

Restoring personal or antique books can require cloth repair tape. When repairing older books, the spines may be damaged and the covers may be uneven. You need tape that will be flexible enough to conform around the corners of the book, but strong enough to hold everything in place and prevent further damage. 

Repairing bibles or other books with similar covers can also require the use of cloth repair tape.  



Chromalabel's 2 inch black cloth book binding tape or for slightly smaller books, check out the 1 inch black cloth book binding tape. Other sizes and colors are available as well, but these are the most popular sizes and color. 

This tape is a fan favorite, as it's size color and durability make it a great choice for many different projects. 


What makes this tape so great?

Protects books for a long time. This tape is 13-mils thick. (Masking tapes tend to be around 5 mils thick.) Because of the thickness of the tape, it’s able to resist bruises and scrapes which means books are protected longer. 

The adhesive is permanent. It won’t crack, fade in color, or peel up. 

Extreme binding strength. Made of high quality, vinyl-coated cotton that has 45lbs per inch tensile strength. The high thread count can be seen when you cut a piece of the tape with scissors. 

This tape is highly conformable which makes it easy to wrap around corners of books, without having to worry about it cracking or becoming brittle over time.

It looks sharp and professional. The color is non-reflective and it doesn't lose its vibrancy over time.


Check out this article on Using Cloth Tape to Repair Worn Books for more information on ChromaLabel's cloth repair products and tips on how to use them!

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