How Color Coding Tape Can Help Your Business

Managing a business requires many things. Wasting time with unorganized spaces is not something you want to deal with. Sometimes simple tricks can keep things organized and running smoothly. 

ChromaLabel’s colored adhesive tape is a great tool to have handy for your business. 


This tape is available in multiple colors and widths. It’s easy to tear with your hands, but strong enough that it won’t peel up and the color won’t fade. You can write on the tape (we’ve found that a sharpie works best!) and it won’t bleed through or smear. 


Here's how it can help you. 


Fulfilling Orders

Color coding tape makes it easy to label orders by color or by writing on the tape. Choose the size and colors that work best for you. 


Establish a System 

Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or a warehouse, keeping things organized is always key. Incoming or outgoing merchandise, orders, supplies, whatever the items are; establishing a system for sorting and storing will make everyone's jobs a little less complicated. 


Label Everything 

You can label products, work areas, shelves, boxes, and bins. Anything to make the work flow smooth. ChromaLabel's color coding tape is perfect for this kind of environment.



Quick Facts about ChromaLabels Color Coding Tape: 



ChromaLabel has many color options to choose from. Use 1-2 colors and sort items by writing on the tape or you can categorize items by color. Not sure which colors you want? We can send you a swatch. 



Available in 1/2", 3/4", and 1". This tape comes small enough to use on objects such as office supplies: across a computer monitor, file folders, and other items. It also comes wide enough that it can be clearly seen on larger items even if they're stored up on a top shelf.



This tape is strong enough that it won't crack or peel up, but it will remove without leaving a residue. 


Check out color coding dots as another option for your business! 

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