calendar with sticky dots

Dot stickers can come in handy for more things than you may realize. Here's 5 interesting ways you can use them around your house: 


1. Marking Calendars or Notebooks  

calendar stickers

To-do lists, calendars, notebooks, and planners are perfect places for different sized dot stickers. Add them to make notes, check off when you've completed a task, or just spice up your planner with a little color. They can also be stuck on manila folders in your file cabinet. Write directly on the sticker or color code. 





2. Labeling Bottles 

essential oil bottle stickers

Labeling small jars or bottles such as essential oils, medicine, or other lotions and beauty products. This can also work in the kitchen when organizing containers of flower, sugar, and spices. 







organizing with color coding dots

3. At Home Projects 

Projects like painting rooms, installing new cabinets, or hanging pictures can be made easy with dot stickers. Just place them where you need them, and know that you can remove them without leaving behind a sticky residue. (Just get the ChromaLabel removable dots!) Organizing your closet or attic? Stick dot stickers on boxes to differentiate what's in the boxes and where they need to go. 



4. Tag Sales 

tag sale dots

These are really easy to stick on household items for a garage sale. Everything with the red stickers are $20 and everything with blue are $30. Or, write the individual prices on directly on the stickers. 







dot stickers for sorting books


5. Organizing Books 

Easily organize your at home library by color coding the spines of the books. This can come in really handy for school or kids' books. If you own a lot of books you could color code by genre. Dots are available in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 4 inches so you can get dots small or large enough for most books!


Check out more ways to use ChromaLabel's small colored dots stickers here. 

Color-code organization

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