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Preparing for any large event takes a lot of planning and organization.

Birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, bridal or baby shower, and especially weddings. 

Whether you love the party prep or you dread it, it's still a lot of work. 


Here's a few ways ChromaLabel's color coding dot stickers can make your life a little easier.


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Organizing Party Supplies 

If you're like most party planners, you start stock piling party supplies somewhere in your house. Then it eventually needs to be sorted and brought to the party location. If you're hosting a fairly large event, you could potentially be storing piles of decor and other supplies.

Sorting items as you begin collecting them can help you when it comes time to move them, put them up, and put them away after the event.

With plastic bins or cardboard boxes you can simply sort items into categories and stick a large, brightly colored dot on each bin.

Red dots for party favors, blue dots for all things food related, yellow dots for table items. You get the idea!

This also helps when you have people helping you. 


Hanging Decorations 

I've been there. Decorating an entire hall with 4 other bridesmaids, everyone is frantically trying to help, but no one knows what they're supposed to be doing.

This is where one extra step will make these moments much less stressful. Tables with red dots need the pink flower arrangements and tables with white dots need the white flower arrangements. The possibilities are endless. 


Stick them right on the wall 

Hanging a banner? Tying down balloons? Stick the dots right on the wall or floor to tie down or hold up whatever you need. Pick a color to match your theme--after all there's 38 colors to choose from!

The dots are strong enough that they will stick without peeling up on the edges. They come in both removable and permanent to fit what you need! The removable dots will peel up and won't leave a sticky residue. The permanent dots might be a little harder to peel up and could leave some stickiness behind, but that's because they're meant to be permanent! 


 Check out ChromaLabel's colored adhesive tapes that could be helpful to you while you plan your next event!  

Color-code organization

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