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If you work in any area of inventory management, you already know there are many contributing factors that keep inventory processes running smoothly. 

Humans are prone to making mistakes...because, we're human! Simplifying jobs, eliminating steps in each job's process, and having consistent systems in place for everything can save time and help eliminate a certain amount of mistakes.


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Using Colors for Inventory Management System

Big or small, warehouse or factory, inventory management functions better when spaces are clutter free, clean and highly organized. 

There's many moving parts to inventory management. A small, but extremely helpful part of this system is organization. 

Whether it's sorting in and outgoing shipments, storing inventory or all the other smaller tasks that go along with these, sorting items by color is a really easy way to keep a consistent system. It's also is an easy system to implement for team members to follow. 


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Dot Stickers

ChromaLabel's color coding stickers are available in 38 fabulous colors. Dots come Both removable and permanent dots are available.  The removable dots are strong enough to stay put until you need to remove them. You won't have to worry about them falling off or the edges peeling up. The permanent dots can be removed but they may leave behind a little bit of stickiness as they are meant to be permanent.

You can also write on the dots (sharpies work best!) or leave them blank and just use them to color code. 


color coding tape

Color Coding Tape 

ChromaLabel's colored adhesive tape is great because you can tear off a piece with your hands and keep going--making it easy to carry around and use. This tape comes in various widths and colors. You can write on the tape (again, sharpies work best!) without having to worry about it smudging or bleeding through. 



How and Where to Use Tape and Dots

Sorting where incoming packages need to go by labeling with a colored dot. Labeling outgoing packages by another colored dot. Tape off areas by putting directly on the ground or walls. Label bins, shelves, or other storage areas. Write directly on the tape to further differentiate. The possibilities go on and on. 


Check out ChromaLabel's pre-printed labels which can also be useful for inventory control. 

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