Welcome to the Magical World of Organization Thanks to Color Coded Dot Stickers
Color Coding Dot StickersWhen you're running a business, keeping everything organized can be a hassle. This is where color coding dot stickers can come in handy (unless, of course, you're one of the one in 12 men or one of 200 women in the world who are color blind). You can find color coding dot stickers at just about any office supplies store (and even some pharmacies or supermarkets in the office supplies section) and they're a relatively inexpensive way to tag merchandise and announce sales. Often, there are as many as 12 different colors, so your wares can be differentiated from one another. Printable dot stickers can allow for non-standard colors or patterns. There are multiple benefits to tagging your products with color coding stickers, which we'll get into more below. 

What Can Colored Dot Stickers Help Me With? 

Color coded dot stickers have a host of uses. You've probably seen them in some stores, especially antique stores, with carefully written prices on them, or a big red dot, indicating that an item has been sold. The best stickers quickly dry once written on, so that nothing smudges, and remove easily. This means labeling even delicate items, wood, paper, glass, or plastic is possible -- there's none of that annoying sticky residue that you have to scrape off later and no damage done to the item. 

If you've been looking for a way to keep all your physical files straight, applying a dot sticker to the top of a folder, storage box, or envelope can help you remember what it is with a glance. Teachers might choose to label drawers or books with dots, so that children know how to easily find materials they need. 

In short -- there's no limit to what these helpful stickers can do to make your life easier. And they often come in a variety of sizes -- from quarter inch up to three inches in diameter, depending on your needs. 

What Other Kind of Seals Might I Want on Hand? 

Wafer seals are often useful if you're shipping items or want to keep products intact from prying hands on the shelf. You've likely seen these on stationery boxes or on other sorts of packaging. The seals stick closely to most materials and won't release until physically moved. They often also can reseal, so once the material is opened -- by either you or a customer -- the box and its contents stay sealed. 

It's a better alternative to packing tape with smaller items and lets your packages look more polished and professional overall. 

Similarly, tamper evident tape might be another useful to thing to have around. Most businesses also offer shipping of their products, and the extra protection tamper evident tape offers valuable items is well...invaluable! The customer will know right away if something has been tampered with, because the tape cannot be repaired or resealed. It's a deterrent for would-be thieves and alerts the customer as well. 

Where Can I Find Color Coding Dot Stickers? 

The nice thing about color coding dot stickers is that they can be found almost anywhere! If you need a package to hold you over in a hurry, your local grocery store, pharmacy, or office supply store likely has them in stock. However, if you know you go through a good deal of these dot stickers, ordering in bulk online -- either from an office supply store or another retailer -- is likely a smart way to go. 

It saves you the hassle of hauling them back from whichever store, likely is a bit less expensive (depending on shipping minimums), and you can get as many as you need -- hundreds, if not thousands -- and be well stocked up for awhile. 

Enjoy better organization and less time looking for things with the help of color coding dot stickers. They're a simple product that can work wonders!


Update from April 2021

Don't forget that businesses are not the only places that need to stay organized. Your home office, kitchen, garage, and closets all hold many items and it's easy for things to get disorganized and misplaced. Color coded dot stickers can label boxes of tools, kitchen containers, and storage boxes throughout your house! 


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