The Office Supply Item You Never Knew You Needed

colored circle labels

We all want to stay organized. We all have goals for being more organized and most of us experience some frustration at not being able to meet those goals as well as we'd like. However, there are little tricks of the trade that can make a big difference -- from meticulously labeled file folders to calendar reminders and even a physical planner. There's one trick though, that you might not have even thought of: colored circle labels. There's a wide variety of sizes and colors -- and there are even printable dot stickers, if you want to make your own. Most can easily be written on with Sharpie and are smudge-proof. And given that we easily associate colors with a meaning (color boosts brand recognition by as much as 80%), consistently labeling your folders or files with colored circle labels can make finding things as easy as a glance. 

What Should I Look For in Color Coding Stickers? 

Depending on how many items you have to code, you may want a wide variety of colors to choose from. (You may also choose to code depending on size and color, so having a range of sizes and colors can be useful as well.) 

Having stickers that can easily be written on and dry quickly without smudging is also helpful -- having to wait for everything to dry before putting it back in its place can be a pain. And smudging means you have to do it all again. 

Easily removable adhesive is also important. We've all scraped off price tags or labels that leave that nasty, sticky residue behind that we can't quite get off all the way (or that involves far too much work to get off all the way). Stickers that simply peel cleanly off from paper, glass, plastic, and any delicate materials are just what you want. 

What Else Can I Use Colored Circle Labels For? 

Apart from simply color coding, you can use these stickers as price tags or other indicators. Some antique stores, galleries, and furniture stores may place large red dots near items that have been sold and not picked up yet, alerting other customers that the item is not for sale. 

Other colors might indicate that a product is on sale -- and different colors can let customers know what percentage off it is. Green might be 30% off, red might be 50%, and yellow might be 60%, for example. 

And other colored circle labels might simply be used as price tags. Smaller stores like boutiques or secondhand stores often use these labels as price tags, carefully writing in each price and labeling the tags on the clothes or other items. 

If you're a teacher, you might use colored labels to denote different areas in the classroom or what assignments are due where and when. Parents might use them on chore charts to show who's done their task or what tasks are assigned to each family member that day. 

In short, these little stickers are incredibly versatile items that can be used in many different ways. 

Where Can I Find Colored Dot Stickers? 

Almost any office supply store will have a few different colored circle labels for sale. In a pinch, they're likely in most retail stores, like the grocery store or drugstore, in the office supplies section. You might look for a brand that's specifically made in America -- if you buy in the summer, you can celebrate Made in America week in July (started in 2017) with your purchase! 

It's also quite easy to buy these online and in bulk, if you so choose. If you're consistently using the stickers, it might be wise to buy en masse and simply have them shipped to your door instead of having to lug them back to your home or office. 

Get really organized this year with the help of your new, tiny best friend -- colored circle labels. They may be small, but they sure are mighty.

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