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Whether you are sending your packages across the street or across the planet, you want to make sure they arrive at their destination untouched and unharmed. This is where tramper proof or tamper-evident packaging or packaging techniques come in handy. You can use specialty packaging, adhesive label tape, or customized stickers and labels to let the people who receive your packages know if they have been opened while en route.

The main reason many businesses like to use tamper-evident packaging so that it is very clear when the items arrive, it is easy to tell if they have been opened. For some companies such as cosmetic companies or pharmacies, this is a matter of security. Their products cannot be guaranteed to be safe and effective if someone has opened them up along the way.

Tamper-evident packaging typically includes some kind of adhesive label tape that once it has been opened cannot be returned to its original state. One of the best kinds of tamper-evident packaging is clear blister packaging. Often this is closed with foil. Once these packages are opened, it is impossible to not tell. If you are a business sending consumers goods they bought, adding a warning against using your products if they have been opened will make it clear that someone has messed with the package.

Using the right adhesive label tape is also helpful if the package you are sending includes legal documents that should not be viewed by anyone but the person to whom they were sent. If you have sensitive documents of other kinds of materials, using heavy duty colored adhesive tape or custom adhesive labels can let the receiver know when someone else has opened the envelopes with the materials. It is illegal, according to Federal statute 18 USC Section 1702, to open mail that is not sent to you but that does not mean people do not do this.

For other kinds of packaging, there are a number of options. Picking the right materials is your first step in getting the right packaging for your products. There are a number of industries that have regulations to follow for the correct packaging of the items they sell so it is crucial to look into this before making any decisions about your tamper proof or tamper-evident packaging.

In addition to any rules and regulations that govern your industry, it is important to keep your customer in mind. You want your products to reach them unharmed and untampered with. They want to be able to get into the packaging without a lot of trouble. A number of consumers select products because they know the containers are easier to open. There are a number of packing suppliers who can make you something that is tamper-evident but not impossible to open.

Food product manufacturers are well served by putting their products in cans, which cannot be resealed after opening, using shrink wrap, which cannot be re-adhered to the product, or a button top. Again, tamper-evident adhesive label tapes work well on envelopes, crates, bags, boxes, and pallets. These products scream "I have been opened!" if that happens. If you get the right adhesive label tape, if it is taken off a package, the lettering will remain.

There is a difference between tamper-evident packaging and packaging that seeks to be tamper-proof. While there may not a 100% effective tamper-proof product, there are a number of them that make it very hard to open the package.

One of the best forms of tamper-proof packaging is shrink film. This is great for protecting just about any kind of product on the market. It works for food products, board games, toys, software, cosmetics, and many more consumer goods. These products are often much harder to get into than those that use other kinds of tamper-evident packaging but the security provided by it makes it all well worth it.

There are a number of reasons to use tamper-evident or tamper-proof packaging. You want to make sure your documents are safe from prying eyes and that your products are safe and effective when they reach the consumer. Not protecting privacy and security can hurt your reputation and bottom line.


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