3 Useful Adhesive Label Tape Products

adhesive label tape

Vibrant colors grab our attention and focus us on the object in question. Research done in 2002 supports this by demonstrating that when pattern recognition tests were given in color instead of in black and white, test subjects scored 10% higher.

The use of brightly colored adhesive label tape products is beneficial in the workplace as well. The following three products can help keep you, your employees, and your packages safe and well-organized.

1. Stay Safe With Colored Adhesive Tape and Labels.

Colors can also help to keep shipped items secure. UPS handles a volume of 15.8 million packages on average, and during 2016, a total of 65 billion packages were shipped globally. Uline suggests the use of colored, tamper-evident tapes as a safety measure to protect your packages. Colored shipping labels that mark your parcel as fragile warn others to be especially careful of your precious antique vase while handling it.

A heavy duty colored adhesive tape made of vinyl or PVC can decrease the chance of accidents happening in the workplace. Uline recommends using glow-in-the-dark tape as a beacon of safety to prevent tripping during power outages and brightly patterned safety tape to alert individuals about possible perils in the vicinity.

Labels warning us of biohazards and other dangers are essential to our well-being and are accordingly created using colors that are nearly impossible to miss. 

2. Stay Noticeable With Brand Color.

The power of color is very well-understood in the retail world. Color influences our desire to buy a particular item. In fact, 85% of consumers reported that the main reason they purchase a certain product is its color. Brand identification is increased by 80% by color as well. 

3. Stay Organized With Colored Circle Stickers.

Businesses are much more efficient and well-organized when using large colored circle stickers for inventory purposes, or when using a variety of smaller colored dot stickers to code products for easy pricing identification. Other types of office labels designed with your industry in mind are also great organizational tools.

Now that you're aware of the ways in which colored adhesive label tapes can keep your packages and workplace secure, influence consumers, and make your business run as efficiently as a well-oiled machine, you'll be able to choose the appropriate type for your particular needs.
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