colored adhesive tape

colored adhesive tape

As many people know, color is an incredibly useful organizational tool. Businesses, hospitals, and educational establishments worldwide use color to help individuals remember important informational categories. From highlighters to small colored dot stickers, the humble tools used to color code keep our world running smoothly.

One such tool is those ever-useful rolls of colored adhesive tape. Colored adhesive tapes give organizers the power to create blank labels quickly. Colored tape is also useful for creating temporary attachments, and for creating colorful edges on paper. This versatility is precisely what makes removable colored tape so handy.

If you're looking for ways to get more organized, start with a few rolls of colored tape. Here are three ideas for using this colored tape to get your life a little more organized:


1. Organize Moving Boxes

Packing for a move is time consuming and frustrating, especially if you keep losing track of your belongings in the stacks of boxes. To expedite the moving process, try using heavy duty colored adhesive tape to secure cardboard crates. Color-code the taped boxes by room-- for example, use yellow for boxes with items that belong in the living room, and blue for bathroom supplies. With color coding, moving companies will know where to put your boxes, and you'll be able to unpack much more quickly.

2. Manage Cords and Wires

One of the most annoying organizational issues that plague nearly every home is that clump of knotted cables lurking behind every computer or entertainment stand. Tame the tangle once and for all with colored stickers or tape. Use a different color at the beginning and end of each cable, so you know which end leads to which outlet with a glance. You can even wrap colored tape around bundled cables to better contain extra length.

3. Create Speedy Page Markers

Colored adhesive label tape offers a quick and easy way to color code index cards and file folders. Simply cut a small piece of the tape and fold it along each paper's exposed edge. With this method, your filing cabinet, box of recipe cards, or class notes will be more organized than ever before!

Color is a powerful memory tool-- in fact, the use of colors increases brand recognition by 80%. Harness this useful power by using color to organize your life. With handy products like color adhesive tape, you can better organize almost every part of your day for maximum efficiency and ease.


Update from April 2021

If you have found a creative use for this tape, let us know! We love hearing the unique ways our tape is used. Not sure if our tape will work for what you need? Call us and ask! We will be happy to fill you in and answer any questions. (800) 256-0435 

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