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Tape is a fundamental tool that all households should have. However, that sometimes means that we buy more than we need (or will ever actually use). Whether you're stuck with dozens of rolls of heavy duty colored adhesive tape, removable colored tape, scotch tape, or duct tape, there are plenty of ways you can put it all to use. Let's take a look at four creative ways to use up that extra adhesive.

  • Labels: Almost everyone struggles with organization. From those old boxes in the attic to the bins in your craft room, it can be hard to keep track of all your things. Adhesive label tape (or even color coding stickers, if you've got too many of them lying around) can turn that cluttered mess into a clearly labeled organizational haven. Removable colored tape works especially well for this purpose, as it allows you to reuse the container if its role changes.

  • Secure cords and cables: Technology is everywhere in our lives, and, unfortunately, most of it needs to be plugged in to work. Desktop computers and television setups all require dozens of cables and cords in order to function; keeping them tangle-free (and trip-free) is often a nightmare. Any tape will do in a pinch, but paper color-code tape is ideal as it won't leave any residue behind.

  • Book binding repair: Did you know that the average novel contains between 280 and 320 pages? If it's an older print -- or well-loved -- those pages might be threatening to escape from their bindings. Tape can be used to hold the book and the story together, ensuring that you can return to your favorite adventure for years to come.

  • Floor protection: Furniture is heavy and can do a number on your expensive hardwood floors. If you're in the middle of a move, or simply want to preserve your floor while you shop for a new carpet, our Premium Repair Tape can be used as a protective barrier. Wrap the tape around furniture legs and feet and your floor will remain scratch-free.

As one of the most beneficial household tools in the world, tape can work wonders when it comes to that Honey-Do list. Hopefully, you'll be able to decrease that adhesive stockpile to a manageable size while completing some easy -- yet overdue -- tasks.

Removable adhesive

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