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color coding sticker

We are all familiar with the color coding sticker packs. You can buy them at any office supplies store. What are these stickers good for you ask? So many things!! Color coding stickers are more than just pretty accessories for paper goods, mail, or school work. They have many functions. 5 of which you can read about below!

1. School Materials

The great thing about color coding stickers is… well they are used for color coding. No matter how old your kids get, staying organized with their school work is vital for their success in the classroom. Knowing which folder and which notebook are for which class can help them keep their homework in order. Avoid any of those “the dog ate my homework” scenarios by promoting organization by way of fun, colored stickers!

2. Sealing Food Items

You know those awesome packages of wafers, crackers, cookies, etc. All your favorite snack foods. It can be frustrating when that all gets stale because you meant to come back to it later but had no way to reseal the bag. These small colored dot stickers are perfect for sealing up your favorite foods. Not just the junk food you got out of the vending machine over your lunch hour, but the bread that’s at home that you lost the twist tie for. Also great for closing all kinds of boxes that the tab is ripped on or that you just want to make sure is fully sealed.

3. Branding

Did you know that color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. What does that mean for your brand? Slap your brand’s color on everything! Today’s age of office supplies goes much farther than just generic color coding stickers. It is now possible to get printable dot stickers. All you have to do is pick the dot that corresponds to your brand’s color. In addition, because they are printable, you can print your logo or other brand materials and stick those labels all over products, packaging, and more!

4. Moving

Moving is perhaps one of the most stressful events ever. You have to pack up your entire life, all your memories, oh yeah, and all your belongings too. Just to take them to a new place to start all over. Exciting? Yes. Stressful? Absolutely! One way to ease the stress of moving is to use assorted color coding labels. Most of the time, these are safe to use on any of your more delicate items: wood, paper, glass, plastic etc. and you don’t have to worry about damage or leaving behind that sticky residue. Color coding stickers can be a life saver. Never worry about where all the kitchen items are, they are marked in blue, all that bedding- green, all of your porcelain figurines? Yellow. You get the idea. Use color coding stickers to make your move that much easier!

5. Calendar

So you work tomorrow, Saturday is your best friend’s birthday, and Sunday is mother’s day. What is going to be the easiest method of remembering all of that? Well writing it on your calendar certainly helps, but color coding your calendar can be a real time saver. Maybe you put down blue color coding stickers for birthdays, purple for holidays, yellow for special events and so on. Color coding can seem time consuming and tedious, but it A) can save you a lot of time in the long run, and B) it can actually be a form of relaxing to get yourself all organized and set. It helps to eliminate some of the worry. So all in all, colored circle labels can have a tremendously positive effect on your day to day life. They can help you identify, market, and stay organized! Enjoy using your color coding stickers!

Update from April 2021

Whether it's an organizational system for your file cabinet or labelling your kids' lunch, sorting items by color keeps things a little more stress free! There's so many uses for these colorful stickers. 

Color-code organization

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